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Michelle Hicks


Michelle Hicks

Office Manager & New Business Coordinator


[email protected]

Michelle Hicks has been running Adalant's back and front office functions since 2011. Prior to joining the firm, she had worked for the state of Idaho as a financial tech and as an assistant banker to the State Treasurer. Besides overseeing day-to-day operations for Adalant, Michelle is responsible for seamlessly onboarding new clients, all of the firm's social events and outbound marketing efforts.

This requires Michelle to manage many details, be extremely organized, and to communicate effectively with clients, underwriters and third party providers. Thankfully, both organization and communication are a functional necessity for this mother of three. "When I had twins I had to master an entirely new level of preparedness - for everything!" she says

Michelle appreciates the variety of experiences her work affords her, and the impact the firm has on the local community. "We handle every aspect of people's finances here - from 401(k)'s for businesses, to life insurance for families," she says

Michelle, who is a military spouse, volunteers in a family support group at a nearby base in her spare time. She and her husband, John live in Emmett, Idaho with their three children.

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