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I am excited to share this month’s client spotlight, Art and McKenzie Basaldua owners of Excellent Quality Commercial Cleaning, LLC.  The reason I picked Art and McKenzie, is because McKenzie posted something not too long ago about her business and a huge milestone that made me think “YES! This is why we do what we do” and I want others to be inspired too.

Art and McKenzie own Excellent Quality Commercial Cleaning, they are a local cleaning company that does everything from residential to business cleaning and I have seen firsthand, it’s never ending, and I am not 100% sure what McKenzie feeds herself, but I swear she never sleeps. 

McKenzie learned from a far too early stage in life heartache when she lost her dad at 11 years old, she states that the next 3 years were a whirlwind that she can’t remember, her mom was lost in grief after the loss of her dad.  But here is what stopped me in my tracks, McKenzie was 14 years old when she learned she was pregnant with twins. Maybe this grabbed my heart strings because I too am a mother of twins and I can’t even fathom the thought of raising my twins at 14, I hardly survived raising them at 27 and we are only 13 years into it.  But wow, 14 years old and having twins. 

McKenzie said there was an article in the newspaper about her titled “Cinderella’s Dreams Shattered” which stated she would live in poverty and never amount to anything living off the system.  Fast forward now 30 years, man did she prove them wrong.  Now I know it was NOT easy and I know McKenzie and Art fight for their business and keeping it going every single day.  

Art and McKenzie have been married now for 18 years, they have 5 children and 15 grandchildren.  When they are not working, they enjoy family time going fishing, hiking, 4 wheeling and McKenzie recently joined the roller derby team in Kuna. 

They said the reason they started to work with us was because they needed to provide a plan for their staff and themselves a retirement plan so that each of them could start planning for their future, they liked the simplicity of that fact that we could help them with multiple items all in one place.  Owning their own business, they know that customer service is important, they love the excellent communications that they receive working with our team and that fact that we take prompt attention to any concerns they have. 

Now, when I first stated that, “YES! This is why we do what we do” it’s not because we helped Art and McKenzie get their business to where it is at now, they have solely done that on their own, with hard work, long days and nights, we had no involvement in that.  BUT our goal as a team is to help wherever we can to see our clients be able to succeed like they have.  Whether it’s planning a retirement account for them, buy/sell agreements for others, estate planning, succession planning, ideas to help grow business or simply planning for your retirement whether you own a business or an individual who’s looking at the future, we want to be the ones that are there encouraging you and helping your dreams come true.



First, I want to start off with if you have never meant Justin or Amy, you are missing out they are two of the most generous, fun and caring people you will meet.

Justin and Amy are the owners of Lionsgate Enterprises.  Lionsgate Enterprises specializes in fine kitchen cabinets at reasonable prices. As the Treasure Valley's largest cabinet shop and they pride themselves in producing kitchen cabinets of the highest quality.

I am not sure how its possible that Justin and Amy have been married almost 28 years when Amy doesn’t look over 30 years old but in July of this year, they will be celebrating their 28th year together and they have two kids, shortly after they celebrate their anniversary that they will be celebrating another milestone in life, they will become grandparents to a baby GIRL due in August. Family is extremely important to them and when they have the time they love boating, motorbikes, snowmobiling and I am sure even more traveling in the future once the new addition arrives.

When juggling a thriving business, a busy family the last thing you really want to do is worried about taxes and bills and everything else that goes with those constant worries of business owners, so when we asked them why they first came to us they said because they needed to make the most of tax deductions in creative ways. After their first meeting with the ADALANT team they enjoyed that Justin was engaging but not pushy about his ideas and thoughts on what would work best for us. 

With ADALANT’s team approach, their ideas on investments and savings we felt like they were the right fit for us, Justin and his staff are top notch.  They know their trade and they work hard to make sure everything is taken care of property, because of this we have always felt comfortable recommending them to others to work with. 

Thank you, Justin and Amy for letting us share your story.                                                                                                                   

Richard and I met December 8,1972 and got married March 16, 1973. We will be celebrating our 49th wedding anniversary this March. 

Richard and I have two sons Benjamin and Matthew. We have 10 grandchildren of which 3 are biologically ours. One of the other seven grandchildren was adopted 2 years ago, the other 6 are by previous marriages. All in all, they are still our grandchildren, and we are proud of each and every one of them. We also have 4 great grandchildren two girls and two boys. We have also hosted 16 exchange students and fostered 7 girls over the years. Needless to say, we have had kids in our house always and made a large family throughout the years. Richard and I wouldn’t have our family any other way.

Our hobbies include enjoying our grandchildren and great grandchildren, lathe wood working building from an ugly piece of wood to show the beauty inside, building wind spinners, painting and I enjoy crocheting and tatting. 

I retired in 2014 after 33 years working for Walter Knox Memorial Hospital. Richard and I owned Emmett Valley Glass for 25 years and sold it in 2008. Richard pursued his true calling during 2006 to become a Paramedic. He then started working for Walter Knox Memorial Hospital in the emergency room in 2007 and retired in 2015.

Linda and her husband Breck have been married for 40 years, they have four children and four grandkids. Not only does Linda work full time but she has also been the main caretaker for her husband who has had several health elements over the past 20+ years that has led to her being the main caretaker and provider for the family.  When Linda isn’t caring for others she enjoys sewing, reading, creative writing (which I hope she doesn’t judge me on for this client clip) and when she retires, she plans on a whole lot more, like camping, day trips and walking the Boise Greenbelt.

Linda has been so focused on her family that she said the reason she started working with our team at ADALANT, was because she never really understood finances, other than making sure the daily and monthly items within the household were taking care of, so when she found herself needing help with a pension from work, she reached out to a friend of hers who has been using Justin and this friend told her that she really needed to set up a meeting with him.

When we first meant with Linda, there was something about her, she was fun, she was witty, she has great puns, for us it honestly was a great first meeting we felt the ease that Linda brought along with her the concerns she had.  When I asked her why she wanted to move forward with our office she had the same feelings as we did, she valued the honesty and kindness from Justin.  She also stated that she has felt that way with all the team in the office.  She said “their patience and great sense of humor has been wonderful”.

Linda expressed that she really likes that Justin knows finances so well and that he can find the right solution to fit each person he works with, that’s why she has found that its so easy to recommend him to others around her, she knows he would be able to find options for the individuals he works with.

Linda expressed that she is blessed to know us and work with us, but I think all of us here at ADALANT feel the exact same way about her, we are blessed to be working with her!  Which makes Linda comforted that she knows she can trust us with her future, because she feels as though we truly care about her and what the rest of her life will look like.  Which we DO!


Thank you, Linda, for letting us share your story.



This month’s client spotlight is with Darin and Kelly Inman, Darin and Kelly own Riteway Builders, LLC.

Darin and Kelly will be celebrating their 24th wedding anniversary on December 6th together they have raised 4 children. Any business owner knows it’s not easy to build a successful company, Darin and Kelly have not only been able to raise 4 beautiful children, but they have also been able to build a very successful company, Riteway Builders.

Riteway Builders, LLC has been a well-respected company in the Treasure Valley since the beginning. Specializing in residential and commercial construction. They believe in honesty, open communication, reliability, customer service, timeliness, and managing every project we undertake in a cost-effective way so that we can complete every job on time and on budget.

When business owners start a new company, their sole focus is on making this company work, and sometimes everything else that needs to happen is put on the back burner, Kelly said that the problems they faced before they started working with ADALANT were, “we weren’t planning for the future and didn’t have a retirement.” This is common for new companies while they are planning for the future on how to make their business successful, important things like saving for yourself and your own future are put off.

Darin and Kelly said they started working with the ADALANT team because of their business needs and their friendship they have created with Justin over the years. Kelly said, “Justin is easy to work with and answers all of our questions, Justin has given us great ways to save money and plan for our future.”

When Darin and Kelly aren’t running the day-to-day operation of their company they enjoy as a family to go out boating or shooting. They will soon be taking on a very new role in their lives this year, they will be NEW grandparents to 1 boy and 1 girl in December.

The growing family just adds on the importance of creating a plan for their future, they both have said that working with ADALANT has made making that plan easier and has given them peace of mind.

Thank your Darin and Kelly for letting us share your story!



This month’s October spotlight is Kevin Melton.

Kevin and Martha Melton were born and raised in the Magic Valley; they are high school sweethearts who have been married a short 33 years.  Together they have run a long-time cattle and farming operation called KM Angus, that was established in 1995. 

One of the main reasons why they wanted to seek advice from our team was because they wanted to make sure that if something were to happen to one of them, they would financially be secure.

When Kevin and Martha are not working on the farm they enjoy as a family hunting and camping with their friends and family.  One of their greatest joys is becoming grandparents.  Kevin and Marth have two grown children, Kris who has followed in their footsteps and helps with KM Angus operation, and Dustie who also has followed their lead and works with KM Angus. 

They know and understand what it means to leave this legacy to their children and grandchildren, knowing they are taken care of gives them peace.

They have said that they have enjoyed working with our team because they enjoy the quality of service, we have provided them, and feel that we have explained everything thoroughly, and it’s because of that service that they said they would recommend us to others who they feel could use the security they have received from us.

Thank you, Kevin and Martha, for sharing the family photos and your story!


This month’s client’s spotlight is with Jeremy Walker and Deluxe Dental: Kuna. Jeremy Walker specializes in general and cosmetic dentistry and he works with anyone who wants to improve their oral and overall health, they do most procedures in house without the need of referring out to other specialists.

Jeremy said that he has been working with us for so long that he honestly doesn’t remember when or why he first started. He said but now he knows “the importance of a business strategy and knowing how important disability and income protection is for him in this line of work. Protection for my family and employee benefits. ADALANT makes sure my financial picture is well taken care of.”

Jeremy liked the idea of being able to customize a plan for him, his family, and his business, knowing that as time went on, we can work together as a team to adjust those plans as needed. So, having the personalized approach that the ADALANT team offers, he knew it would be a good fit for him and his business.

Jeremy enjoys the fact that he feels comfortable working with everyone on the team and he often refers friends and associates to contact us and do the same planning that he has done with ADALANT.

We would like to take a minute to spotlight one of our clients Courtney Schreck with Posies.

Courtney has been designing with flowers for almost 20 years but created her actual business in 2019. Courtney is a wedding and event floral designer! She is based out of her studio, which is in her backyard. She mostly designs for events but will do personal designs every now and then.

We asked Courtney who she enjoys helping in her business and she told us, ”Everyone! Flowers not only bring a smile and happiness to most people, but a lot of them have memories attached to them. I love designing for weddings-it is such an honor for me to be a part of someone’s most important day….it is my favorite thing to see a bride’s reaction seeing their vision (and mine) come true on their wedding day and then again when they see their wedding photos. It is truly an awesome experience for me.”

One of our many questions in this business is why? We asked Courtney why she chose us to work with. “My husband owns his own business as well, and we have been working with ADALANT since the beginning of that. We have seen his business grow as we have utilized ideas and had business coaching with ADALANT. It only made sense to do the same with my business.” Courtney said, Posies took a while for me to actually create and start. Once I was full in, it took off fast. I was overwhelmed with the business end of things. Justin has helped me brainstorm, organize ideas, and execute practical steps in running my business. I can really tell he is cheering on my dream and wants to see me succeed. ADALANT has been a great fit for my business (and my husband’s) because we feel like they really care about our success. They want our goals to be met and our future to be bright. I also really appreciate the professionalism and kindness they have shown to us throughout the years.”

As a team here at ADALANT, we do want to see success for each of our clients, no matter what they are striving to accomplish, whether it's buying a new home, retiring before 65, starting a business or going on vacations.

Courtney’s final thoughts on working with us as a team, makes us hope that each of our clients feel the same way, “We are really grateful for Justin and his team at ADALANT! They have really helped us the past 7+ years with our business and personal finances. Since my husband and I both own small businesses, there has been worry and stress for our future finances. After working with ADALANT, they curated a personal financial path just for our needs now and for years ahead and have lessened those worries. I would definitely recommend ADALANT to others. Business owners for coaching, as well as people who are needing help with money management. Thank you!”

Thank you, Courtney, for letting us share your story! -ADALANT