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According to a new survey by AARP, 3 in 4 Americans over the age of 50 want to age in place - staying in their homes and communities through retirement and beyond. What many folks don’t realize that staying in their homes is not the default—it’s a conscious decision that takes planning and work. As one of their advisors—whether insurance, financial, legal, health, or other—you can help your clients plan to meet their goal of staying in their home as long as possible. Come join us for a series of 4 free discussions on the types of planning necessary to address the personal care, health, financial and legal issues that your clients will face and how you can help them prepare. This series is suitable for any professional working with families planning their retirement and beyond: attorneys, CPAs, insurance brokers, financial planners, social workers, and more.

Join Mark Wight of Idaho Estate Planning and Justin Walker of ADALANT Financial to talk about paying for all levels of care, and legal issues that you need to be aware of.

Do you have a team looking out for your best interest now and in the future? When your financial planner and estate planning attorney know about each other and can work together, you win. Learn more in this quick video with Justin Walker from ADALANT.

Tune in as Mark Wight and Justin Walker discuss the changing landscape of long-term care insurance. It's a sticky situation as things change and options become limited. Learn more about what you can do to plan for the future and take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Mark Wight of Idaho Estate Planning and Justin Walker of ADALANT Financial discuss long-term care insurance. Things are changing in the field and it soon may be too expensive for many people to afford. It's time to look at other options and ways to take care of your loved ones if and when that time comes. To learn more, check out our podcast episode on long-term care insurance.

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